While the Walking Dead fandom is still reeling from last night’s heart-wrenching, exceptional season 4 finale, one question sticks around in my head more than any other.  Do Zombies poop?

It’s pretty obvious that zombies do only one thing well, eat! They’re not the most agile critters, and they’re certainly not winning any awards for their problem solving, but when they get a hold of you it’s chomp-chomp time.  So with all the eating they do it raises the inevitable question of what happens o all that human meat?

zombiepoopIt’s pretty well established that zombies are dead bodies, human carcasses that for whatever reason are reanimated and have an insatiable craving for human flesh.  But since they’re dead, doesn’t that mean all biological processes have stopped?  They definitely decay as dead bodies should, assisted only by the elements and whatever scenarios the buggers find themselves in that might hasten their falling apart.

The human stomach is only so big, and can only stretch so far.  In the Walking Dead, where the zombie apocalypse has been going on for well over a year, it’s safe to say that a lot of zombies have had more than their fill of people tar tar.  Not so say their cravings ever subside, but at some point the “food” they’re eating will just back up their throats and fill their mouths.  AT some point there just won’t be any room for more!

So that leads to the only inevitable conclusion: zombies poop!  While the make-up artists and costume designers may not have added big brown stains on the pants of the zombies they feel have been around the longest, that doesn’t change the fact that there must be some sort of digestion process going on.  If not, a great many zombies would have had their stomachs explode long ago, and their body cavities would have filled up, leaving them so massively engorged they wouldn’t be able to stand, let alone shuffle around looking for another tasty treat.

So that’s it.  Zombies poop!

image source: [bestmoviesevernews] [laughterpiss]