No Wonder is a comic that dares to ask the question “are we too connected?” Not to each other, though. In fact, quite the opposite. Are we too connected to information? Have we become so saturated with answers that we’ve forgotten any good questions?

These is the central theme of No Wonder, an exciting new comic looking forward to a successful Kickstarter campaign kicking off November 5th. I was lucky enough to speak with No Wonder’s creator, Jeremy Hauck, about where the idea for this endeavor came from, and what he has planned for the story.

no wonder 3I walked into a popular coffee shop and noticed everyone in line were staring at the screens in their hands. No one was interacting with each other. Maybe because it felt so bizarre to me at the time, but for some reason, I thought to myself, what would it look like if that was exaggerated to an abnormal level? Could that be a story?

We’ve all seen them, those drones sitting across from each other at restaurants, or in parks, or walking down the street, never looking up from their device to actually interact with each other. The warm glow of data is the only think captivating their attention. In No Wonder we learn that the obsession over data–over answers–is making us less social, less informed, and more easily controlled.

No Wonder tackles a relevant question: Are we becoming too accepting of the information we get when we ask questions? We’ve increasingly becoming a society that asks a question, finds the first answer on the internet, and simply accepts it as true. It’s possible a whole generation of people are learning to be less skeptical, to the point where asking deeper questions about truth isn’t even considered.

The zeitgeist of the past three decades revolves around the fear/hope we have for technology. However, I think we’re about to hit a plateau with that, over-saturating the market like some say zombies have. Which is why I’m tackling it from a different perspective. There are no robots or computers to fear in No Wonder, I promise!

no wonder 5The end of the world in No Wonder doesn’t look like the usual post-apocalyptic cautionary tale. This isn’t a story of alien invasion, nuclear war, natural disasters, or our vacuum cleaners rising up to destroy us. It’s a look at how civilization succumbs to the weight of too information over-saturation. While technology might be the vehicle for humanity’s destruction, it is the willful choice to abandon the pursuit of knowledge that locks the doors to our future.

The Kickstarter campaign to bring No Wonder to life launches on November 5th. Besides the sense of self-satisfaction of helping artists create something interesting and beautiful, there are more than a few goodies available to those who help out. These include No Wonder logo stickers, a retro tin-lunchbox with No Wonder artwork laid over it, the chance to be drawn into the 2nd issue, and a chance to have a major role in the 2nd and 3rd issues.

No Wonder looks to be an exciting, thought-provoking journey into our too likely future, with a relevant cautionary tale thrown in just to make you wonder. And after all, what would we be without a sense of wonder?