$800 million dollars on the first day.  An estimated one BILLION dollars in the first three days.  There has never been a better selling entertainment product in history.  For some perspective, the Matrix made a billion dollars over the course of an entire trilogy!  Numbers like that cannot be ignored, but what exactly does GTA 5’s success mean for the future of gaming?
Shut-up-and-take-my-moneyThe gaming community has known for a long time that video games are a far better bet when it comes to entertainment than pretty much anything else.  Even at $65 a pop, you can’t really quibble when games like Skyrim can offer 100’s of hours of game play.  The gaming industry has known what a cash cow games are, otherwise they wouldn’t be spending more money on developing games like GTA 5 than even the biggest budget Hollywood movies. 
So what should we take from GTA V’s success?  Well, as for us gamers, nothing really.  We can bask in the awe of such a monumental success, as well as the attention it is garnering for our beloved pastime.  Perhaps the most important thing that can come from this historic accomplishment is that the gaming industry can get a true sense of just how far they can go with not only games themselves, but also hardware.  Now it might not seem so outlandish to spend those hundreds of millions of dollars backing technology like the Oculus Rift, or developing virtual reality, or, dare I say, a holodeck…
image source: [gamefront] [dragonball]