In a recent Twitter rant, EA Sports senior software engineer Bob Summerwill offered his opinion that Nintendo’s floundering Wii U is crap.  EA has since confirmed that they have no immediate plans to develop any new titles for the Wii U.  While a senior software engineer of a major video game developer like EA shouldn’t be saying such inflammatory things in public, he does have a completely valid point.

Nintendo lost its focus a long time ago.  Basically they adopted the same notion that so much of the general public believes; video games are for kids.  While there certainly is a game market for kids, the average gamer is in their 30s and 40s, someone who grew up playing Super Mario World on the NES.  Somehow Nintendo never got the memo that all the kids who made them rich in the 80s and 90s aren’t buying cutesy Mario games anymore.

It is a rather frustrating misconception that video games are for kids.  Basically its an insult not only to the gamers, but to the creative and talented people who work hard to create the games.  Maybe its just a tragic result of the word “game” being used, since the video “entertainment” we enjoy today goes so far beyond being simple “games”.  The depth of plot and quality of special effects, storytelling, and innovation that go into games like Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls, Gears of War, and even first-person shooters like Modern Warfare, rival that of even the most expensive Hollywood blockbuster films.  The sales figures alone make those who trivialize video games look like uninformed troglodytes.  For Nintendo, once the preeminent video game giant, it is a misjudgment of epic and fatal proportions.

image source: [gametrailers]