I can’t hold it in any longer.  It’s something I feel so passionately about that it shakes my very geekfibres.  I am looking forward to watching Peter Capaldi as the Doctor more than pretty much anything I’ve ever wanted in the entirety of my geekdom!

Twelve-Eyes1A little theory of mine holds that depending on who your favorite Doctor is currently, that will determine which of the subsequent Doctors you like the most.  So in that light, my love of Tom Baker first and foremost, may have an impact on my ecstatic love of Peter Capaldi, even before he’s had more than a brief hello.  But I’ve felt for a while, way back during Tennant’s era, that the Doctor needed to be older again.  It’s just something that feels right to me, as right as the newest TARDIS desktop, and having two or more companions.

I love every second of Doctor Who.  All of it.  While I can argue details, decisions, and direction from now until the son comes up, I love it all.  But while I’ve loved the revival dearly, it’s a strange feeling to be nostalgic for the days of Classic Who all while embracing NuWho at the same time.  I think it’s a yearning to see the style of Classic Who done with modern effects, modern production value, and modern storytelling.  When I watch Classic Who I can envision each story as it would be if it had been made today.  For me, Peter Capaldi represents this link to Classic Who.

peter-capaldi-jenna-coleman-doctor-who_1_1As much as I loved Tennant and Smith, there’s so much more potential in the older, more “mature” Doctor.  This is why Eccleston is my favorite revival Doctor.  He had that sense of being more than a tween heartthrob.  Peter Davidson had this, despite being the youngest Doctor in the Classic era.  But he had a gravitas about him.  Matt Smith blossomed into having this sort of thing, and incorporating it into his “childlike” side very well.  But for me the Doctor needs to actually look older.  Perhaps it’s because it dampens the possibility Doctor Who will return to being a sappy love drama with a dash of teen angst thrown in just to ratchet up the weepy-eyes factor.  It is literally a different show when the Doctor is older.  A better show.

I’ve been patiently waiting for Doctor Who to return to its SciFi roots throughout the revival run.  While it’s obviously a SciFi show, the focus became too much on the drama between the Doctor and his companions.  I enjoyed it, it was great.  But now it’s time to get serious again.  The casting of Peter Capaldi was the first step.  Bringing the Time Lords back (well, you know) is more than just a plot device, it’s the next step.  It was a deliberate attempt to realign the show as a more adventure-oriented science fiction drama, which is where the full potential of Doctor Who can be realized.  I think we are at the cusp of experiencing Doctor Who like we’ve never seen!

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