black_myo_topI came across this nugget today and knew I had to rearrange my completely open posting schedule to show it to you. The Myo is a sensor armband which transmits motion and muscle movement into digital commands.

What?!? Ok, no really this dark metal band uses metallic sensors and accelerometers. Axial motion is simple, even your 7 year old Wii can handle that. But the truly interesting part are the sensors. When your muscles flex there is a slight electric signal that the Myo is capable of interpreting. It senses each muscle group separately, and creates a different signal for each one. Each of those signals can be mapped to a different function and programmed into a device.

This means operating RC toys hands free, running powerpoint without a keyboard, and yeah, even playing your favorite video games in a more realistic fashion.

Check out the video from the Myo website: ThalmicLabs Myo

Image Source: [FanPop][ThalmicMyo]