As I, and millions of others, waited patiently for the mid-season finale of The Walking dead I can’t help but be excited to see what they have in store for us. They have already made us think they killed off Glenn, then brought him back in a glorious fashion. They have given us some backstory on Morgan (which I loved by the way). They have given us bits and pieces about Enid, the Wolves, and even hinted at a few other things that are coming up. My thought is, though, what could possibly be the ‘big thing’ that happens in the mid-season finale that leads into the next half? I had a few thoughts on it, but basically I was just very excited to see what they did do! So what did they do….

walking dead S6E8 1The episode started off showing us the tower falling and the zombies coming into Alexandria (interrupting Carl getting hurt I imagine). Fans of The Walking Dead knew this would pose a threat, but this isn’t something that can’t be overcome. So at this point in the episode I was still waiting for the big thing to happen. So as they retreat and we get a little Glenn and Enid scene, about what one would expect. We have a VERY close call for Maggie that made me freak out a bit. Then we see Deanna get taken down. A few moments later as they have retreated into the house we learn that she has been bitten. Not too surprising really, I kinda guessed she would be gone soon, based on the build up. We did get to see Michonne in her glory with her katana again, which made me very happy! Then we see Deanna giving Michonne a great pep talk, which I actually liked a lot. This episode is a very big transition episode it seems, our group and the Alexandria group merging in blood. The only real way to become family in this world is by surviving together and realizing that. I feel like that’s what this first half of the season is about.

Next we have an intense scene between Carl and Ron, insulting each other’s dads and the like. Ron then broke a window while trying to hurt Carl, alerting the Walkers to their location. Rick tried to get into the door with an axe. Carl lied to protect Ron then followed him to the room and pulled a gun on him, and took his gun and called his dad an asshole, rightfully so. Then we see Deanna out of the room and hanging over Judith’s bed, I thought she was eating her, turns out that wasn’t true. It was just a lead in for her to tell Rick it was his plans now and his people. I think this was a good way to transfer power in Alexandria, it was well thought out and well planned. In a perfect world I think more people would have been there for the speech she gave him but it worked.

walking dead S6E8 2Eugene got to brush up on his history a bit while they were trapped, so that’s always a plus. Then we learn that lock picking is in his skill set, so there is that. Then, the build up to the Carol and Morgan confrontation over the Wolf in the basement comes to a head! I was very worried this may not end well for Carol. Morgan is one of my personal favorite characters but Carol is high up on the list too so I WANT those two to get along.

The gang decides to pull the old “cover ourselves in guts and sneak through them” trick! That’s a true blast from the past (and boy were those SFX gruesome). It’s really hard to tell what they’re building up at this point in the mid-season finale, but they are doing a great job building the suspense of what’s going to happen. I still didn’t feel like the big thing had happened in the episode yet at this point.

Then we had the Morgan and Carol fight which ended exactly how you’d have expected, with the Wolf getting lose and knocking out Morgan with his own staff. I do love Morgan’s character, I really do, but this is a bit much. So the Wolf escaped, then we have the intense gut-covered walk through Walker scene, which didn’t disappoint, wonderful make-up work throughout, with Glenn peaking over the fence and seeing Maggie for the first time in what feels like forever! The end scene of Deanna was quite mortifying, kudos to the writers for that one. It was truly haunting.

So the mid-season finale ended with them walking through the horde, covered in guts. Honestly, I still, at this point, felt as though that big reveal moment still hadn’t happened. Which I am quite glad about to be fair, that means we still have all my faves at the moment. They closed the mid-season mark with A LOT of cliff hangers, tons of awesome writing, and more than enough to make you want to come back for more. Great job to the writers and actors and everyone involved in making the first half of Season 6 amazing!

Guest Post by Chris Carpenter from ChrisCarp’s Rambles