So my wife says to me last night, take this vocabulary quiz by the people over at Slate….

I didn’t know what was, and I didn’t really figure it out until after I took the quiz. But without going into a huge amount of detail it’s a magazine (web only) for culture, news, politics, and many items along those lines.

So as with any mainstream publication, their writing staff is brilliantly eloquent when it comes to slapping down the ole’ English language. Far more eloquent than jerks like the staff writers here in “The Trench” but be that as it may, my wife bade me to take the quiz.

It’s 18 questions on vocabulary words and their meanings, and honestly, if you’re reading this site instead of say, Perez Hilton you’ve heard a few of these words, and you’ll get a couple right. But unless you are a hugely well read and possibly pompous individual, I doubt you’re getting all 18!

Just for reference, I’m fairly well-read and I enjoy reading a book each night before bed and I scored 11 out of 18. My brilliant wife scored a 12.

Tough it out, give it a try, and post your score as a comment below. I’d love to see how well some of you geeks perform!

Bubble Vocabulary Quiz