Virtual Reality is the ultimate goal in the world of gaming.  While a Star Trek style Holodeck isn’t even on the horizon yet, complete sensory immersion VR might be right around the corner.   The Virtuix Omni team is working hard to make it an actual reality.  Combining their omnidirectional treadmill with the new Oculus Rift, a modern Virtual Boy style 3D head-worn display, they’ve put together the most promising precursor of true virtual reality to date.

My only issue with this technology is the same as with contemporary motion controllers such as the Wii-mote and the Microsoft Kinect.  Essentially, I really don’t want to get home from work, or crawl out of bed on a Saturday, and have to exert any effort what so ever on playing video games.  Sure it could be fun once in a while, but on the whole who really wants to be running around like that?  Marathon gaming sessions would never accommodate running around on a treadmill, leaning your face into a skull-encompassing display for five to ten hours.  It’s really quite impractical.  
What this technology really could be great at is virtual tourism, or games that aren’t so action packed as first person shooters.  Imagine exploring a huge mansion in a Clue-like murder mystery game, or exploring some other world investigating crimes in a sci-fi private detective style simulator.  How about exploring the pyramids, or the bottom of the ocean?  It’s in games like this that something like the Virtuix Omni could really reach its full potential on the consumer market. 
Anyway, the video is pretty cool, so enjoy!