I have a text file on my computer that contains link after link of shorts from Youtube, the file has made it’s way across 4 or 5 computers.  It is the only constant left from the mid-2000’s,  I had a computer mouse for 10 years but that just died last week, moment of silence.   I went all the way be to the beginning of that list and found this gem, though it may be a little rough around the edges it tells a great story.  The epic battle of the unicorns and narwhals among the clouds.  The video quality isn’t the best by keep in mind that it was uploaded in 2006, most people still had CRT televisions and the transition to HD was still in it’s infancy and very expensive.  For an even greater perspective the release of an Android device was still two years away and the iPhone was still a year off.  I feel old now, great.  This whole short is also hand drawn, which is pretty cool.