Total and complete mental block.  It is an unconquerable obstacle that prevents your imagination’s natural inspirado production.  Unfortunately, inspirado occasionally lies dormant, the urge remaining but the means seemingly gone for good.

What if a new source of inspirado has been discovered? What if you could manufacture inspirado?

A way has been found.  Clever, whimsical, inspired, and always at your fingertips.  Storyteller Cards are a true Deck of Many Things!

SC-LeftStoryteller Cards are so much more than just a deck of cards with crazy pictures on them.  They’re a legitimate tool for those who require inspiration to fuel their writing, dungeon mastering, game designing, and any other creative pursuit.  There’s other supporting material that you can pick up, like full manual, mini-comic sketch pad, and more, but what I find most intriguing about Storyteller Cards is their simplest function, providing random inspiration out of thin air.

The original Storyteller Cards are a mix of fantasy, SciFi, and real life subjects, and a purely Fantasy version is on the way.  But as for the original, the pictures and situations depicted on the cards make for a pleasantly random mix of ideas.  A robot with a cake sinking into a swamp.  A mime pushing logs in a wheelbarrow.  A hunter hugging trophies in a classic arcade.  And oh so many more crazy things.  But the pictures aren’t the whole story.  There’s mood indicators, letters, seasonal markers, and even standard playing card designations.  Take what you want from each card you draw and use any elements as you see fit.  The possibilities are never ending!

As a little demonstration I’m going to draw a card and come up with a little something based on the inspirado that strikes my brain.  So, here we go:

When she got the call to meet her informant at a local children’s park she knew it was because he would want to meet in a safe, public place.  No chance of a police ambush around a dozen families out having a nice day.  He was a cautious one, she knew that all too well.  But when she got to the park there wasn’t a soul in sight.  Early afternoon on a Saturday should mean kids and families everywhere.  Their absence felt like a deliberate message.  And still she couldn’t turn back.  She was closer now than ever before to finding the man who killed her brother.  She was absolutely certain now.  There couldn’t be any other option.  It was him.  The old tattered doll hanging from a noose tied to the big slide, the slide she and her brother loved so much as kids, made it perfectly clear.  The doll she thought she lost after what was left of her family moved away all those years ago…