I’m an even bigger Trekkie than I am a Whovian, and trust me, that’s saying something.  Virtually all of my moral makeup is derived from Star Trek: The Next Generation, particularly Mon Capitan, Captain Jean-Luc Picard.  So with recent rumblings of Star Trek possibly making a triumphant return, perhaps as a Netflix exclusive, my feelings on the subject run the gamut from ecstatic to clinically insane!

320x240 (1)But there is a deeply troubling question that haunts me as a Trekkie, down to my deepest most tender geek muscle.  Would a new series be set in the J.J. Abrams alternate universe, or the same universe as all other Trek?  It’s a question that unfortunately holds all my hopes in a precarious balance. Oh, and just to clarify, the Abrams universe is an alternate universe… nothing was “erased” or “re-booted”.  It’s a separate timeline!

So I’m going to come right out and say that I do NOT want any new Star Trek series to be set in the J.J. Abrams universe.  I thoroughly enjoy the first two films, and eagerly await the next (and any more after that).  That said, I can’t stomach the thought of a Star Trek series that doesn’t continue on with where Nemesis left off.

It isn’t that the Abrams movies don’t completely capture the essence of adventure and moral storytelling that the original universe’s series do.  If a series were to be made either of the current Abrams crew, or even another set in that universe, it’s obvious that it would adopt a less cinematic action-first approach, and focus on either long story arcs or episodic tales.  My real objection has nothing to do with the new universe at all, it is solely because there has been so much mythology built up in the original Star Trek universe that I can’t conceive of having no further progression taking place within it.  It’s probably why I really didn’t like Enterprise. I wanted more Trek that expanded the existing canon, not filled in back story that nobody cared about anyway…

320x240 (2)Data having died in Nemesis broke my silly sappy Trekkie heart, but it was necessary.  While Data might not age, Brent Spiner, sadly,  is subject to the ravages of time.  But I’m alright with Data not existing in any further stories.  And no, B-4 doesn’t count…  It’s all about the built up mythology.  If it’s not going to be continued I just don’t know if I could ever love a new Star Trek series with the same unwavering passion as I do those set in the original universe.  I know I’d enjoy it, but it would always bother me.  Always!

I just hope whoever gets the prestigious responsibility of bringing Star Trek back doesn’t make their based on whether or not skipping back to the original universe might “confuse” fans.  Trust me, you’re not aiming to get new fans here, you’ve got literally tens of millions of people shuddering with anticipation to set their DVRs–or renew their Netflix subscriptions–to experience the orgasmic joy of a new Star Trek series.

Please…PLEASE…don’t screw it up!!!

image source: [startrek.com]