2016 marks the fourth year that Geek Trench has attended TooManyGames retrogaming convention extravaganza. In those four years we’ve grown to love this convention as much as anyone loves normal holidays.

To us, however, TooManyGames is exactly that, a holiday. It’s a time of gleeful merriment of the kind only achieved by sifting through thousands of cartridges, browsing a bazaar of geeky merchandise, and sampling games both old and new.

Every year I’ve tried to post about our experience, but every year it feels extraneous, after the fact, and contrived. I think it’s because I would try to describe the event, as if geeks aren’t already intimately familiar with conventions of all sorts.

TMG2016This year is different because it’s our senior year. TooManyGames is firmly entrenched in our very being. It will be a part of us forever. There’s no foreseeable end to our yearly trek, and we grow more excited every year. TooManyGames is a part of our lives in a way that Comic Con, PAX, and countless other conventions are to their devoted attendees.

As it gets close we start to plan our attack; which vendors to visit in which order, which system to focus on collecting, how many FUNKO POPs to buy. The battle plan is expansive to say the least, and always falls apart as soon as we step onto the floor.  We always do a general walk-through at first, and stop for an impulse buy if something catches our eye, but it’s hard not to feel like a kid in a candy story when it comes to all the delights TooManyGames has to offer. You simply can’t stay focused. And I would never change that.

Let’s face it, if people got bored of going to conventions over and over again the industry wouldn’t have grown to what it is now. Conventions aren’t just big business, they’re “big social”. They’ve become something you not only have to attend, but can’t imagine skipping. You can go to someone else’s house for Thanksgiving or July 4th, but Zelda forbid missing out on TooManyGames!

So there it is, a meaningless love poem to a retrogaming convention that started small, and has ballooned to credible size. Only four years ago TooManyGames wasn’t that huge, but now it’s overflowing with attendees, and we couldn’t be happier. So long as the good folks who run Too Many Games set a date each year, we’ll be there, and we won’t miss it for the world.