walking dead art 3The Walking Dead is BACK and in a HUGE way! I honestly could not wait for see what the rest of this season had in store for us! We ended the first half of Season 6 with a significant cliff-hanger, as Negan’s gang had Daryl and company held hostage. The mid-season premeire picked right back up where we left off. After the episode ended I just had to take a few minutes and let my mind absorb everything that had happened. Yes, the episode was that good.

So here we were in the opening scene with Negan’s gang taking everyone’s weapons and it was very well done in that the suspense was building throughout the entire dialogue. The suspense kept growing through the interaction between the characters and then BANG (literally) the scene comes to a head and explodes! A fantastic pay off for the opening scene.

walking dead art 2We go from there back to Rick and company walking through the horde in their gut-suits. Even Father Gabriel finally steps up and offers to protect little Judith. The forshadowing in this scene is pretty intense as well. You could almost feel in the air that something bad was going to happen with someone. The intensity with Sam was very strong as well. Just an amazing scene from top to bottom.

Then we get back to Enid and Glenn which, like usual, is very interaction driven and very well done by both actors. Those two always have amazing chemistry when they are on screen together. They didn’t disappoint this time either. I’m obviously skipping parts here and there but I wanted to point out the stuff that really stuck out to me. I really enjoyed the way this episode was written, even the scenes with the Wolf really seemed genuine and amazing.

To wrap up my I’ll talk just a little about the rest of the episode. I don’t want to spoil it for those that may be reading that haven’t watched yet (which I don’t know why you’d do that, but still). This last half of the episode is some of the best. From the acting, to the special effects to the story, it all just meshed into this amazing, perfect Walking Dead-ness that is hard to describe. We see a lake on fire with zombies walking into it, and we see Rick’s gang and the others making a stand with camera work that simply blew my mind. And it all concludes with scenes that really make you FEEL the episode. The Walking Dead has always had a way to make you care about the characters and this episode really just set that in stone.

Guest Post by Chris Carpenter from ChrisCarp’s Rambles