By now it’s an old and tired story.  At least in my lifetime it seems like there have always been people trying to censor the things I enjoy, whether it’s music, TV, movies, or video games.  There’s always a mob with torches and pitchforks trying to force people to sanitize my entertainment.  These people crusade under the guise of moral superiority, “for the kids”, they say, but in reality they’re lazy, ignorant fools.
The latest charge is that the mid-season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead was too violent.  Now, I could go into a whole separate rant about how one person’s perception of violence can reasonably differ from another’s, but I don’t even need to go there.  Why, you ask?  Well AMC is a network that can only reach your home if you CHOOSE to purchase a cable package.  That’s right folks, you can’t see The Walking Dead if you don’t make the conscious decision to allow it into your home.  Therefore any anger over AMC’s programming is completely invalid because in the end, you can chose for it not to be on your televisions.
Of course, this is the essence of the whole matter of censorship.  At the root of the “censorites’” calls to ban anything they deem “offensive” is the fundamental ignorance that it is my responsibility to choose what I and my family are exposed to.  You’re kids can only be exposed to the harm of violence or sex if you allow it.  It is absolutely true that kids are influenced by what they are exposed to, but that is precisely why it is the responsibility of parents to make the right decisions for their kids.  If I choose to be responsible, and you don’t, how should my life be censored because of you’re ignorance and inaction?  Do as I say, not as I do?  Yeah, that sounds about right…
Just like with television and movies, kids aren’t exposed to violent video games, you expose them to it by your choices.  Every time I buy a game, in the event that it is rated MA for mature, I am asked if I understand that it is such.  These people bitching about the dangers of video games are often the very ones buying them for their kids.  I’ve seen it over and over again, a parent with their poorly-raised child at their heels ignoring the warning and coughing up the dough to shut their kid up.  You chose to be a lazy parent.  That’s on you.  Don’t condemn society for your decisions.  Andy by the way, I notice it’s never Geeky parents doing this.  It’s always those stuck-up types who wouldn’t know Battlefield from Super Mario, or The Walking Dead from Ghostbusters!
tv-violenceAnd if you are cognizant enough to not buy mature games for your kids, than don’t go on a crusade against something that doesn’t affect you or your family anyway.  If someone wants to buy a game for their kid, that’s their decision, good or bad.  But they’re not even rallying against other parent’s poor choices, they’re rallying against the game itself.  How does that make sense?  It’s not even as if those games are intended for kids.  They’re created for their target audience… mature adults.  How can people still think all “video games” are for kids?  This isn’t the 80s!!!  If a child gets his/her hands on a mature game, there is only one possible way they could have… their parent got it for them, or allowed them to have it!  The same goes for TV and movies.  The Walking Dead is in no way intended for kids, so if they see it, whose fault is that?

The only reason I’m bringing up this age-old, tired, boring, nonsense issue is because it completely astounds me that of all the shows on television, The Walking Dead is being called out as too violent.  Not because it isn’t violent, but because it is absolutely, without question, not intended for anyone who might be squeamish, easily offended, afraid of scary things, or uncomfortable with sensitive and graphic subjects.  The show is not for kids.  So why do these crusaders feel the need to even bring it up?  Who are they trying to protect?  Are they trying to fix societies ills by white-washing entertainment?  Very probably so… I hope they’re all bitten and turn into zomb… oh, wait, I get it now… they’re already mindless zombies!!!

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