I have to confess a shameful, unforgivable secret: I once indifferently abandoned my 200+ NES game collection… Suffice to say I’m lower than scum and not worthy to consider myself part of the retro-gaming community. I’m ashamed, but I think the time has come to achieve some closure.

My hope is that the upcoming documentary, The NES Club, will help me heal by basking in the 8-bit glow of NES cartridge awesomeness.  The NES Club is about one dedicated retro gamer’s quest to win a bet to collect all 700 published NES games in 30 days.  The feat is daunting to say the least, after all, some classic NES games can fetch serious coin on auction sites, as well as among dealers and collectors.  Some cartridges are so rare they number less than those who’ve actually bought a Wii U!

What I suspect might make this documentary really fun is that it isn’t just a chronicling of one gamer’s quest to own every NES game, it’s going to be a video history of the culture that developed around the NES, about the phenomenon it was, and the passionate hobby it continues to be today.  Watch the NES Club Kickstarter trailer to hear about the project from the mind that conceived it…and was sadistic enough to make a fantastically cool and ridiculous bet with his friend.


image source: [wiinoob]