One of the problems with history is that there’s rarely a record you can trust 100%.  Unless a historical event is chronicled by some with exceptional scruples accounts of history can and often are skewed in one direction or another.  And even in the case of someone who takes care to record events accurately, opinion, belief, and lack of full understanding of a situation can, over time, lead to a distortion of the past.
Luckily humanity is now in an age when much of the last 150 years has been chronicled either by pictures, audio recordings, or video.  Being able to actually see history can be very humbling if not completely fascinating.  And one aspect of history that offers no end of fascination is that of technology.  One of the most amazing aspects of our lives today is the frantic pace at which technology evolves.  Think back to before smartphones.  It really wasn’t that long ago that flip phones blew everyone’s mind and touch-tech wasn’t even a whisper on the wind. 
We’re in a time now when we can look back ten, thirty, even seventy years and see without any filter or skewed opinion what the world actually looked like.  I still marvel at watching old movies or TV programs if only to get a glimpse of what the world actually looked like back through the ages.  So what did the world look like in 1995?  What did the internet look like in 1995?  That’s really not that long ago, but in so many ways it may as well be 1895.  Today the internet is as commonplace as a pair of shoes; completely unthinkable is the notion of it not even existing.  But what did it look like in its infancy?  Do you remember?  Do you really?  It’s utterly fascinating to see people in awe about such rudimentary internet functionality.  The world literally had no clue about what the internet would become.  From the amazement of being able to access the text of entire books, to the novelty of Pizza Hut’s homepage, to the skepticism of buying goods from online catalogs; to see people actually seem timid about the potential of the internet is downright surreal!


image source: [blogsome]