Think 50s SciFi Greaser musical with a hint of Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Now picture Space Fonzie.   This will help you imagine what The Ghastly Love of Johnny X is like.  Actually, no it won’t…

1374969164_2.pngIt’s an age old tale really.  Exiled space Bad-Ass, Johnny X, and his crew sing their way through a black and white 50s studio set as they try to catch a thieving runaway member of their group, The Ghastly Ones.  The item in question just so happens to be a super-powered techno-suit.  And the runaway, Johnny X’s lover.  Meeting various stereotypical-yet-quirky characters along the way, this unpredictable, almost absurd film still has its charms.  It is rather quite difficult to describe, because it always has the feeling of shifting genres, ambiguous degrees of seriousness, and strange familiarity.  Did I mention the zombie Rock ‘n Roll singer?

The writing is often funny, and the musical numbers are entertaining (it just feels odd saying that).  That said, you’re never quite sure what to make of what your watching.  It’s definitely well made, with obvious attention to detail.  It couldn’t be anything less than a labor of love.  And despite how much I usually dislike the use of Black and White simply to make a film seem smarter than it is, I think this time it works.  The Ghastly Love of Johnny X is definitely not what you’d expect, but I can honestly see it becoming a cult favorite to some.  I liked it, however.  It might not be your cup of tea, but I think it’s worth watching just in case!

image source: [dvdtalk]