Switchplate LinkageSo I found these beauties while trawling through a few Steampunk sites. I had just finished reading an article about a dude who re-cased his SNES into a fabulous Steampunk brass and copper housing. When what should I see in the links at the bottom of the page? One of these creations! I was so intrigued I had to click on over to Switch Plate Super Store. I found these delights at the bottom of the “Wooden Switch Plate Covers” section.

What we have here are truly beautiful switch covers that screw over regular toggle switches. Manufactured from laser cut wood, beautifully stained, and assembled with handsome brass hardware. These switch plates are a near must for any geek, Steampunk, or slightly strange individual.

The top most one (and my personal favorite) uses a planetary gear system, which pushes the toggle switch up or down along with the translated rotation from the three rings of gears that make it up.

Switchplate Lever ActionNext is a combination gear and lever monstrosity that translates circular gear motion along a series of linkages to transfer your motion to the switch.

And finally on the right is a simple lever action linkage driven model.

If you think they’re beautiful to look at, wait until you get them up on the wall and feel the smooth action! Just take my advice and go to your local hardware store and buy a few flat topped screws¬† to mount them with!

P.S. I bought three different ones, and I love’em!

image source: [PlanetaryGear] [Toggle] [Lever]