It seems so obvious now.  I honestly can’t understand how I’ve never given any thought to how technology will effect sports in the future.  I’m not talking about instant replay or anything like that.  What I mean is that there is already an effort to design “technological enhancements” into real-life sports activities.  One day we may have real-world sports that take advantage of video game-like virtual technology!

And what really excites me is the possibility of new sports developing that have technology included in their development.  We could see a future where new sports exist where tech is fundamental to the game.  Fighting sports might become like a real-life Street Fighter with special moves.  Could this technology mean the birth of hybrid gaming/viewing entertainment where actors are controlled by players who watch and vote on the game? Sort of a Survivor/American Idol type of thing.

Whatever comes from this early step into “augmented sports” it will probably be the athletic/gaming entertainment of the future, and over time will probably cause the demise of traditional sports.  What, you’re telling me you wouldn’t pick real-life Tron tournaments over Tennis?  Yeah, you would!