2013 is set to be an incredible year for gadgets. This is our guide to the biggest and most intriguing developments in the technology world.
Google Glass

Could ‘Project Glass’ mark the end of the mobile phone era?

Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, was recently spotted riding the New York subway wearing the much-anticipated Google glasses.

The glasses, which are worn like ordinary spectacles (move over, Dolce and Gabbanna!), have ‘Google Glass’ lenses with image recognition and GPS, giving the wearer real-time access to the search engine’s vast reserves of knowledge – not to mention a certain cyborg-chic intrigue.

When the wearer looks at a famous landmark, such as the Empire State Building, the glasses will immediately trawl the web for related information, pictures and maps, which are displayed in a small screen at the edge of the right lens.

The glasses also recognize brand logos, constellations and wine bottles (presumably so that the next time you discover a particularly great wine on holiday, you can order a bottle there and then and find it waiting for you when you return home!) They will also allow users to interact with their social networks without touching a handset.

Google Glass will be rolled out next year to developers at the price of $1,500. The technology could have massive implications for SEO (as this post explains), as machines learn to ‘see’ and interpret the images around them.

Facebook Graph Search

Mark Zuckerberg kicked off 2013 by unveiling Facebook’s new search functionality.

‘Facebook Graph Search’, which is still in its beta testing phase, allows users to phrase questions in everyday language, for example ‘what are my friends’ favorite restaurants?’ Facebook then filters its huge stores of data to arrive at an answer, and orders the results by number of likes.

If Facebook can’t find an answer, Microsoft’s Bing takes over.

Although the January launch gained a tepid reception in the online community, many internet experts see massive potential for the technology in the near future, particularly as part of an ongoing attempt to ‘humanize’ Internet search.

Others are more excited about match-making possibilities. You can already hear them formulating the questions… ‘Which of my friends’ friends from London are single?’

Smart Fridge

Samsung’s new T9000 fridge is just the latest in a long line of ‘smart furniture’ – and with a built-in touch screen loaded with useful culinary apps, it could represent the kitchen of the future.

An internet connection means that the grocery lists you create using Evernote are synced to your smartphone, ready to hit the supermarket; it also means that your housemates can add items to your list while you’re out.

The smart fridge includes an app to store coupons and a recipe-finder. If these flourishes are too much for the traditionalist, even they will have to admit that the variable temperature settings – allowing you to turn part or all of the unit into a freezer – are pretty, ahem, cool.

So there you have it – by the end of this year we will all be donning the ultimate geek chic accessory, Google glasses, chatting to Facebook and asking our fridges what to make for dinner.

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image source: [engadget]