The overwhelming amount of online support given to the Anti-SOPA and PIPA movements has finally paid off. The “Stop Online Piracy Act” and “Protect IP Act” have been put to rest…at least for a while. Last Wednesday, many large websites and online communities participated in a “blackout” that was supposed to show internet users what the online experience may be like if these two bills were passed. This obviously struck fear in the sponsors of SOPA and PIPAbecause both were pulled not long after.
It is a relief knowing that these two bills will not be put into motion any time soon. SOPA and PIPA could have caused a major catastrophe in the entire online community, compromising the entire structure of how the internet works. It goes far deeper than the common web user can understand. Below is a video from KhanAcademy that explains the inner-workings of SOPA and how it would have changed the way we use the web.

Video Source: [KhanAcademy]