It appears humanity’s journey towards immortality has gotten a little shorter, so far as the replacement of biological components is concerned.  The advent of 3D printing in the medical world has and will continue to reduce the time commitment for surgery, the cost involved in procedures, and the number of patients rejected for various reasons.

Essentially, what 3D printing will allow is cheaper cyborgs!
Seriously thought, the fact that they can replicate a human jaw to the point of complete, seamless replacement is astounding.  Having already replicated a synthetic trachea, the limits of medicine seem to be dwindling.  Or, you could say the leap into the next phase of human medicine is getting nearer.

What’s really interesting is seeing how long it takes for the first athlete to undergo the first new-wave plastic surgery procedure to replace their bones with titanium substitutes.  What’s scary is seeing how long it takes for some country to start rolling out the first “enhanced” soldiers…

image source: [Memory Alpha]