Haven’t you ever walked the Las Vegas strip and thought to yourself, “Gee I wish I could just plunk down a few bucks and get a lobster out of a vending machine?” Apparently you weren’t alone!

Today’s update is about some of the most fabulous, frightening, and fun vending machines around. ¬†Unfortunately I couldn’t find a single unifying list, so in addition to the link for the “24 Vending Machines You Won’t Believe” here are a few runner ups that are near and dear to our hearts.

a96684_livebaitIt keeps the live Shanghai Hairy Crabs (yum?) at 41 degrees Fahrenheit in order for the crabs to remain in an alive but dormant state. The crabs range from 120-600 yen (that’s $1.25-$5.50) depending on size (and hopefully not freshness). The managing company states that if you are vended a dead crab, they will compensate the user with three live ones in return! Good deal, I say! Though judging by the picture, I think this thing isn’t really in the best part of town. So while you may get your crab, you may still get stabbed.

Hey, this one is gross, right? No more messing around with gutting cheap fish to spear onto your hook in the hopes of catching slightly more expensive fish…. Of course by the time you get the boat out there, pay for gas, repair anything that’s undoubtedly wrong with your over-priced/under-maintained boat I’d say you were pretty much coming in strapped for cash anyway.

But wow look at the fish I can catch with their (questionably) high-quality bait. I mean, it’s right there on the front of the machine. And they couldn’t possibly be misleading me in any way, right? Guys?
In any case, plunk in a few dollars and out pops a package filled to the brim with night crawlers (and I mean the worms, not the game that Charlie and Frank play on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”).

crab-vending-machineAnd finally, the creeptastic winner in our tri-fecta of truly monstrous vending machines. School Girl Panties…..

Although the government of Japan made it illegal (in 1993) to sell the used panties of school girls from vending machines, the trend is still prevalent in many of the smaller cities outside the larger metropolis areas.

Go ahead and read that last sentence again. I’ll highlight my issue with it. In 1993, the Japanese government had to write a completely self-contained law that made school girl panty vending illegal. How many of these things were around that a full law had to be drafted JUST for this? Crazy…. The cost? 1000-3000 Yen (or about $9-$29).

So there you have it friends! A comprehensive list of some of the best (and wow, worst) vending machines of all time!

Image Source: [Japan Probe] [Oddee]