The Conjuring is as close to a “feel good” horror flick as you can get.  I mean this, of course, from the perspective of someone who loves horror films.  The Conjuring had nearly every cliche element you could have in a possessed house movie, but not in a bad way.  Not at all.  It almost feels like The Conjuring pays homage to the possessed house horror sub-genre, and it succeeds in doing so on every level.

conjuring 2If there’s one thing I’ve learned from watching dozens of demonic/haunted house films is that, first off, houses are just creepy.  Second, any doll or toy in said house is creepy, especially the dolls.  And Third, never, for any reason, go into a basement if you happen to discover it by accident.  It was meant to be hidden so just leave it alone!

The Conjuring managed to follow a very familiar formula but never really felt like you knew what was going to happen.  Even though nearly every “jump-gag” and “creepy-movement” delivered how you expected, it was the manner in which it was done that gave the film a sense of unpredictability.  Basically, every familiar scare tactic was taken to a little higher level which made it seem fresh.

conjuring 3 One of my favorite elements of The Conjuring is the “dumb cop” character who somehow manages to add an sense of dark comedy that never breaks the mood or spirit of the film, and in some ways even sets you up for some scares by making you let your guard down.  It sounds trivial, but it was just another aspect of this surprisingly fun movie that left me pleasantly satisfied.  It’s a movie that if I had waited to see it at home, in the dark, I’d think long and hard before letting my feet touch the floor to go run and turn the light back on!  If you’re into getting scared, or just appreciate a well written, well made horror movie, you won’t be disappointed with The Conjuring.

image source: [filmofilia]