Over the past year or so it has been hard to read technology news that did not include an article or two on the death of the PC.  The most common argument is that the tablet segment is going to cause the overall death of the PC.  There is no arguing against the fact that the iPad, Kindle Fire, Samsung Note, and Nexus have very large sales numbers.  The iPad out preforms all other tablets in sales from quarter to quarter.  So it really does seem that the age of the PC is coming to a swift end, with chatter all over the internet that we have moved to a “post-PC” era.

I do not believe in the “post-PC” era, it is a marketing tool.  I will not deny the numbers of tablet sales, they are gigantic.  I think they do affect the PC market, but I do not think they will kill the PC!  The tablet does not have the power to edit video and pictures like a PC, yes you can do this with a tablet, but try it and let me know how it goes for you!  And they sure do not have the processing power or the graphic capability to run modern computer games.  Sure there are a lot of games for tablets but most of them consist of swiping your finger on the screen or tilting the tablet around to interact with the games.  Frankly, an intuitive gaming input system for a tablet has not been developed yet.

I have used most of the tablets that are worthwhile in the consumer market.  They each have their own  individual pros and cons.  The one major thing that gets on my nerves with all tablets is the lack of access to the system files.  You really can not get to the main file tree and for some reason that really bothers me.  Moving files around on tablet can be a painful experience.  For example I downloaded an e-mail attachment, on a BlackBerry Playbook, it was a PDF file.  I read the file then closed it, no clue where it is now.  Android based tablets seem to be the only ones that allow some level of access.

For the most part the people that have really embraced the tablet I think were never PC people to start with; they simply used the PC to access things such as e-mail, social media, and so on. The tablet now provides this type of user a new method to access these needs, so out with the PC for them.  I personally think if you could track the overall usage of tablets in the world most of the time they are used for social media, looking up recipes, and, playing Angry Birds and Cut the Rope.