Superheroes are an institution as far as comics and films go. They are what every man and boy secretly wish they could grow up to be; they are strong, intelligent, heroic, come to the rescue just in the nick of time, figure things out incredibly quickly and are in general the demi-gods who make all the bad things in life go away. Their superpowers vary drastically, some have more than one but all have something which keeps loyal fans following their adventures.

There are some however who seem to have drawn the short straw when the superpowers were being handed out, heroes who’s powers are so ‘unusual’ that its arguable if they can even be classed as superheroes. Here is a list of some of the 5 weirdest superheroes that have ever made their way into print.

  1. Arm fall off boy‘, so named because of his amazing ability to detach his left arm and use it to club villains to death with. Sadly the Legion of Superheroes never accepted him into their ranks and Arm fall off boy has yet to make another appearance.
  2. The Red Bee‘, not only did this guy have a costume resembling that of a Vatican guard but nor did he have any real superpower. His one unique trait was that he had a trained sidekick bumble bee called Michael that lived in his belt buckle; let’s just hope all the villains he tackled were allergic to bee stings.
  3. Matter Eater Lad‘, one of DC comics stranger additions to their expanding legion of teenage futuristic heroes, this boy could eat through anything. That’s right, if you accidentally locked your keys in the car – Matter eater lad was there to nibble a hole through the door and retrieve them. Useful as his power may have been he wasn’t very good at fighting crime and out of morality never cannibalized the bad guys.
  4. Bouncing Boy‘, the slightly overweight lad who has the amazing ability to inflate his body into a spherical shape and bounce around like a beach ball. If the need for a huge bouncy ball to ricochet off of the walls in a room and knock everyone out are called for then he’s the man for the job. Other than that it is questionable what use his power is.
  5. Egg Fu‘, granted he is a super villain and not a superhero his powers are so ridiculous he had to go on the list. As the name suggests he is a big egg, the size of a house and a Chinese communist agent. As an egg he has no limbs and so to accomplish anything relies on his army of henchmen to do things for him, he can however use his moustache as a whip against anyone who gets too close.

Despite their short comings, these characters still have a surprisingly large cult following and have been immortalized not only in comics but also as toys, figurines and posters. Perhaps it is the utterly ridiculous streak which they all possess that makes them so appealing; regardless of why this may be I’m sure fans of the superhero genre would gladly fork out the price of a cinema ticket to see Arm Fall Off Boy on the big screen just out of morbid curiosity.

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