This little gem was brought to my attention the other day. So I decided maybe I should watch it, review it, and bring it to other people’s attention. This short tells a great story of a geek that is facing his last days because of a terminal case of brain cancer. He is trying to determine is his life was really worth it, was he ever really good at anything and does Page Reynolds know he even exists? He tries to take the easy way out but fails. When the doctor informs our intrepid hero about his aliment the rest of humanity is celebrating the return of a ship from Mars. With microbial life on board from a Martian water sample. Then everything goes bad as the ship crashes and new life from Mars turn out to be a zombie virus. There is no doubt in my mind that the zombie apocalypse is going to start either this way or from some microbe that thaws out in the Arctic. As our geekly hero struggles with his aliment and the zombie outbreak, he just seems to be wondering around with no real focus on anything. Then it happens, “Holy balls, Page Reynolds!”

A group leaves him as zombie bait but he surprises them all and kicks some serious zombie ass. We, as the viewers, don’t really know how he did it. Once he get with the group they treat him like crap and pretty much say he can’t come with them because he has cancer and is too slow. Then it happens, more zombies, at this point we are introduced to the cane gun, which kicks major ass. And then we are shown the flux capacitor energy weapon! After this serious ass kicking, basically saving the whole group, they want him to come with them and he does. Our hero is now accepted for whom he is and the awesomeness that he exudes. Cause let’s face it, if it weren’t for him they would all be zombie lunch.

This short is very well put together. It has excellent writing, directing, great acting, and the production value in terms of camera work and special effects are great. I can see this being a feature length movie that would entertain from start to finish. This short just adds to the argument that short films these days are better than most feature length theatrical releases. Come to think of it, I probably spend more time watching shorts these days than full length movies. I am looking forward to more work from this director, Mitch Cohen. Maybe this could be the start of a web series? Whatever direction it goes in I just hope I get to see some more of our highly relatable down to earth hero!