A team of researchers has recently developed a telescopic contact lens that magnifies the wearer’s vision by 2.8x.  While it is designed to restore functionality in people with macular degeneration, it can effectively enhance existing normal functionality beyond natural human potential.  While a pair of 3D glasses is required to cause the lenses to magnify vision, so what?  This is essentially a prosthetic device that can be used by someone without a disability!

One only need look at a show like Continuum to see the very real impact bio-enhancement through technology will have on our lives in the near future; not only civilian, but also in law enforcement.  Although some might not cozy up to the idea of police officers and detectives being able to do their job more efficiently, the benefits of employing such technology are undeniable.

By the way… watch Continuum!!!
image source: [bitchstolemyremote]