How do you counteract the negative effects of evolving from water breathing ancestors?  Suck on a lollipop of course!
radiohiccups-300x300Hiccups are a mutual nuisance of all of humanity, and their existence is actually quite amazing:  they’re a vestigial impulse of our non-existent gills, which disappeared from our biology millions of years ago.  Yup, for as long as human beings could shake their fists at the sky and curse the name of their god, the plague of hiccups have stalked our nightmares.  That is until a 13-year-old discovered the cure.  Who would have figured the cure would be a vinegar lollipop?


Interestingly, the history of our evolution seems to be riddled with examples of poor design and biological “oopsy-dasies”.  If you want to know more about the spectacular story of the most critical aspect of our evolution, I compel you to read Your Inner Fish: A Journey into the 3.5-Billion-Year History of the Human Body.  One of my favorites!

Image Source: [geekalerts] [929nin]