Like all creation myths, The Sea Is Blue makes no logical sense. But it’s undeniably beautiful because of its smooth animation, and the touching story that it brings to life

A little girl playing on a boat falls overboard, and drifts down to the ocean depths. Luckily she has no need for oxygen. Just get passed that. She spends her time making friends with various denizens of the deep, and imparts on them a magic-like essence that could represent friendship, but isn’t quite clear.

Despite It’s Ambiguity, The Sea Is Blue Manages To Entertain

Eventually the little girl’s story comes to an end, but one you might not expect. There’s a wonderful little ambiguity to the story that makes you sit back and wonder exactly what you just saw. Even though it’s just a bit of mythology, and not that complex, you can’t help but wonder if what she experienced truly happened, or if it was all in her mind. Either way, enjoy this charming little tale!