Leatherface’s Pool Party takes a fun stab at uniting dozens of classic horror franchises at, well, a pool party at Leatherface’s house. Basically a horror-themed Robot Chicken skit, it nonetheless gets right to the point: seriously killer hilarity. When scantily-clad Elvira saunters passed a group of familiar vampires I almost spit my beer. It’s also pretty funny how there’s random non-horror characters thrown in such as Rambo pulling lifeguard duty, and Gumby… because why the hell not?

Where Does Leatherface Get Those Wonderful Toys?

Perhaps my favorite part of Leatherface’s Pool Party is all the toys they used. Some I never knew existed (Pumpkinhead!?). Others were very familiar, like the blue “Gorilla Alien” toy. Basically this video is a demented murderous montage of myself playing with toys as a kid. It actually looked at lot like this.