Stitches is a supremely satisfying horror comedy experience that leaks from the same vein as Evil Dead and Dead Alive. This twisted tale of a spurned clown hell-bent on taking his revenge against a group of kids that wronged him is a completely surprising masterpiece.

The first few seconds make it clear that Stitches has a deeply sick, and totally hilarious sense of humor. Stitches, the demented harlequin himself, is a down-and-out kids-birthday-party shlub who just wants to make it through his routine, get paid, and go get wasted. But a jackassy group of kids give him a rough time, and by the end of the party Stitches ends up with more than just a serious headache.

stitches 2Flash-forward a few years and the kids have become the usual bunch of teen horror movie misfits, and it just so happens that one of them (whose birthday it was way back when) throws a party when his parents are out of town. Debauchery ensues, Stitches returns for his revenge, and bloody calamity takes center stage.

Stitches is one of those horror movies built on the kill scenes. Think Final Destination, but with a clown, and some of the most hilariously inventive ways to kill people I have ever seen. Let me just say that “human balloon animal” is a phrase you never knew you wished you’d heard before seeing this movie.

With surprisingly engaging characters, and writing that actually doesn’t suck, Stitches crept up on me as a B-movie horror flick I never expected to fall in love with. I honestly can’t wait to watch it again. It’s a really well made horror movie that delivers on all fronts, and left me begging for a sequel. Seriously!