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Star Wars Rebels is the first new intellectual property in the Star Wars universe since Disney bought Lucas Films.  From what I have seen so far, I am getting excited for the rest of the series.  I like that all the classic sounds are back, from the TIE Fighter to the soundtrack.   Come on, when that first TIE Fighter roared across the screen you got goose bumps.  If you did not then you are not really a Star Wars fan.


Leading up to the airing of this first one hour episode one thing I had been hearing a lot about was the animation style.  The only previous Star Wars animated series it can really be compared to is Clone Wars.  Clone Wars used a very angular animation style that in turn made it a much darker show.  Rebels has a much softer feel, maybe it is from the minimal use of angles in the character animations.  But hey, I am no animation expert; you should not pretend to be one either.  The show does not have childish animation, Jake and The Neverland Pirates has childish animation.



Spark of The Rebellion does a very good job introducing us to the main characters of the series.  We start to learn a little about each one but there is still an immense amount of story to be told.  Maybe this is showing us that Rebels is going to really be a story driven show.  I mean come on, I cannot wait to learn more about the Inquisitor.  Some may argue that Rebels is childish, though that thought should be buried after the previous paragraph, I mean it has a little younger humor in the dialogue.  But Stromtroopers are still used as fodder and there is a higher degree of violence then other kids shows, won’t you say?  See, it’s not a child show!


I think there is a lot of hope for this new series.  It is going to be our first view into the time between Episode Three and Episode Four.  We are going to learn how the rebellion gets started and get to see some of the classic Star Wars ships.  I cannot wait to see a Mon Calamari Cruiser or an X-Wing, it is going to be glorious.  I mean just in this one episode we get to see happy Wookies, lightsabers, TIE fighters and Stromtroopers back on the screen.


image source: [The Crew] [Inquisitor]