October can’t come quick enough!  Star Wars: Rebels is going to fill the rancor-sized void in the hearts of Star Wars Geeks, and it’s going to feel spectacular!

A prequel of sorts to Star Wars Episode IV, Rebels will introduce us to a world we all left behind long ago.  Yes there were books–a lot of books–but we all know what happened to the existing Expanded Universe canon… tossed down a sarlac pit!  But Rebels will do its best to start a whole new galaxy of Star Wars canon!

The animation looks a bit…Disney… and I don’t like the idea of them shoe-horning in some new “comic relief” droid that will only be a poor substitute for the reining Space Abbot and Galaxy Costello super duo, but it looks like Rebels will be as epic as we’ve hoped!  And just in case you forgot…