The rest of the Force Awakens blu ray bonuses are short and sweet featurettes that cover a variety of topics. And of course, the deleted scenes!

The Blueprint Of A Battle: A Snow Fight & IFL: The Visual Magic Of The Force

The Blueprint of a Battle explores the creation and choreography behind the beautifully raw lightsaber fights in The Force Awakens. From the decision to set the fight at night in the snow, to the truly emotional battle being told by those wielding the lightsabers, the clashes in The Force Awakens are a true high point of the film. The Industrial Light and Magic piece follows the spectacular but restrained, utilitarian use of CGI throughout the film that added just enough magic to an already seamless practical effects masterpiece. The triumph of CGI in The Force Awakens is the beautiful portrayals of Maz Kanata and Supreme Leader Snoke. Both were motion capture CGI done thoughtfully enough to seem more real than fantastical.

John Williams: The Seventh Symphony

abrams and williamsWhat would Star Wars be without John Williams? Every scene, every theme John Williams has composed for Star Wars is as important a part of the films as the story , and characters. To have the privilege of hearing a whole new score for a whole new saga is something special. This featurette shows the genius at work. You also get to see J J Abrams legitimately humbled by working with John Williams, and how important Abrams knew the score would be for the success of the film. “Vital and beautiful and fresh” are the words Abrams uses to describe Williams and his music, and there are no better words to describe the score for The Force Awakens.

Deleted Scenes

What scenes got cut from the final release of the film? All movies have them, but it’s the movies with huge fandoms that have the most tantalizing deleted scenes. Sometimes the scenes that get cut are just erroneous extra dialogue or footage. Occasionally, however, they offer a glimpse into a secret vision of the final product that we haven’t seen. These scenes can alter entire plots or provide insight into the deeper meaning of events.

R2 and LukeThe Force Awakens deleted scenes are largely of the latter variety. While not fundamentally altering the film, they show an extended view of the events that weren’t necessary, but would have provided extra character development. Some of these scenes could have been left in and wouldn’t have gotten in the way, while others seem a bit to much out of the timeline and overall narrative of the final cut. My only complaint is that there aren’t very many deleted scenes. It probably means that they generally shot the majority of the film how they envisioned it, but it would have been fun to have a few more scenes on the home release.

Force For Good

The last bonus feature is a short informative piece on what Star Wars is as a franchise. The piece generally centers on the goodwill the franchise has generated around the world, whether through charitable works, or just a general sense of community that the films have built over the years. As fans we love our fandoms deeply, and Star Wars is perhaps the largest and most complex of all fandoms. It’s good to know that the franchise uses its influence to help people in need around the world. It’s even better to know the force is strong with its fandom, which has largely adopted the same spirit. Star Wars is a large community, and if everyone uses their power to fight the dark side the world would be a better place.

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