A particularly brilliant and awesome co-worker of mine enlightened me to Star Trek Continues a short while ago. After watching the first episode I realized I had for too long been unaware of just how awesome and brilliant he really is. When a fellow Trekkie get’s squee-like joy from telling you about some new Star Trek thing on the internet, it has to be something really good. Indeed Star Trek Continues is good. Actually it’s brilliant, and awesome, and you should totally watch it right after reading the rest of my little gush piece about it!

Star Trek Continues is a breathtaking fan project funded in large part through Kickstarter. That means it’s by Trekkies, for Trekkies. It is a passionate labor of love that not only faithfully recreates the Classic Star Trek television series, but actually continues the original five-year mission where the show’s cancellation left off.

Screenshot_63It is obvious that love, care, and exceptional dedication to detail come together to make you actually feel like you’re watching the original series. From the sets, to the writing, and especially the actors. Forget that Scottie is played by the original actor’s son, and forget that Grant Imahara, from Mythbusters fame, takes on the Sulu role, all eyes will be glued to the perfectly recreated portrayal of Captain James Tiberius Kirk.

The performance of Kirk actually made me realize that Shatner might actually have been acting the whole time. Vic Mignogna captures the essence of Kirk in a way that removes Shatner’s… Shatner-ness… and brings the character back to life in a way that is inexplicably captivating. It’s just otherworldly.

Episode one brings back a familiar character, Apollo, from the original series episode¬†Who Mourns for Adonais?¬†A clever story is crafted to take advantage of the original actor’s current age, and a touching, surprisingly powerful tale unfolds as the Enterprise crew again deals with the unbridled power of an ancient Greek god. Can a reformed god be trusted, or do old habits die hard?

Screenshot_62Episode two brings back James Kirk’s favorite thing in the galaxy, green women! An Orion woman is the sole survivor found at the scene of an accident, but before long, her owner comes looking for her. Her owner, the richest Slaver on Orion, is none other than Lou Ferrigno, once again donning green makeup to play a terrible brute. This episode plays a lot with the types of social themes prevalent in the original series. Dealing with the nature of slavery, as well as feminism, it’s a gripping episode through and through.

The third episode returns to one of Star Trek’s most compelling settings, the dark Mirror Universe first seen in the original series. The episode picks up right after the “good” crew return home, and “bad” Kirk returns. It follows the sewing of dissent aboard the Enterprise as a result of the “good” Kirk talking sense into Mirror Spock, and shows the birth of rebellion against the Terran Empire.

With three full-length episodes, three vignettes, and a slew of behind the scenes footage, there’s a lot of exceptional content for all self-respecting Trekkies to add to their biological and technological distinctiveness. Seriously, no amount of fangasming can do Star Trek Continues the justice it deserves. It is a fantastic homage to the Classic series, while being a perfect addition to the Star Trek universe. I dare say it should be considered canon. With the level to which Star Trek Continues is produced, and care taken to craft something authentic, as well as unique, there’s no good reason not to. So go watch this brilliant series!

Oh, and did I mention more episodes are coming in 2015?