When the Enterprise’s computer is taken over by dangerous nanites, Captain Kirk and Doctor McCoy find themselves thrust back in time to the Civil War.

Divided We Stand is a fantastic example of the stunning work being dome by everyone involved with Star Trek Continues. This episode in particular exemplifies not only an attention to detail, but a true understanding of what the original series was about. Divided We Stand explores the moral and ethical dilemmas that made the original series so compelling.

STC Divided We StandThis episode highlights the juxtaposition of how people from the future view the actions of history versus those who lived during that time. It’s easy to think that everyone who has fought in a war believes in the cause for which they fight. That type of thinking is often used to reconcile how people in history have acted in atrocious ways. But the reality is that many people just find themselves in horrible situations, wondering why they’re there in the first place. It’s also easy label the people of ancient times as simply barbaric. These philosophical ideas turn dangerous when Kirk is injured by an artillery blast, resulting in McCoy taking extreme measures to save him. Seeing the two Starfleet officers succumb to the barbarity of the Civil War is a real high point of all the Star Trek Continues episodes to date.

While everyone from the crew made an appearance, Divided We Stand was a real showcase for Chuck Huber to really settle into the role of Dr. Leonard McCoy. He captured Deforest Kelly’s classic tone and cadence, and even threw in an “I’m a Doctor, not a butcher” McCoyism that felt perfectly natural. Every scene between Chuck Huber and Vic Mignogna strengthened the authenticity to the Star Trek Continues series.

Divided We Stand is another solid episode of meticulous craftsmanship by the men and women who obviously have a passion for Star Trek. These new voyages of the original five-year mission are truly some of the best Star Trek there has ever been, and continue to be a must watch for any self-respecting Trekkie!