Come Not Between the Dragons is the newest episode of Star Trek Continues. The professional fan-produced “fourth season” of the original Star Trek series continues with its sixth episode, and there’s no signs of slowing down.

STC ep 6-2Come Not Between the Dragons is a classic Star Trek story. The Enterprise’s crew confronts a new, dangerous life form that boarded the ship. As the crew tries to contain the intruder they begin to experience strange behavioral shifts. From Captain Kirk to Mr. Spock, typically level-headed and moral, everyone aboard the Enterprise is becoming dangerously confrontational.

The spirit of Star Trek shines brightly in this episode, by focusing on the mystery surrounding such a dangerous encounter rather than on the easy opportunity for action. Come Not Between the Dragons exemplifies what made Star Trek great, and what the current Star Trek movie franchise lacks.

While the search is on for the mysterious intruder it becomes clear that what is effecting the ship isn’t exactly of the intruder’s doing, but of something else searching for the intruder as well. What unfolds is a study of morality that serves as the heartbeat of the episode. The writers managed to make this story feel the most like original Star Trek. It’s easy to imagine this episode in the original run of the show, from the writing, to the characterizations, to the set design, and special effects.

STC Ep 6-1Come Not Between the Dragons is the first episode to feature the newly constructed Engine Room set. The replica sets seen in Star Trek Continues always impress, but the engine room is something truly remarkable. The massive 100% accurate recreation of the original Enterprise’s engine room has been exactly what this series needed to fully explore all the familiar areas of the iconic ship.

Star Trek Continues continues to take everything great about the original Star Trek, and give it a contemporary treatment that makes it the best Star Trek since Voyager. Staying close to the ideals Gene Roddenberry established for Star Trek, CBS should take note while crafting their new series. Come Not Between the Dragons is a fantastic visit to the type of Star Trek all Trekkies know and love!