For some inexplicable reason the world charming keeps bouncing around in my head when I think about this episode.  I know, that’s a bit strange.  But I think if there’s anything to say about this episode it’s that it shows there is potential for some surprising flexibility in Space Dandy.  With essentially no action to speak of, this episode nevertheless managed to keep me interested.

spd-ep-5-img-3I have to admit that I’m surprised by this show of tender drama, especially right after a completely whacked episode where everyone in the universe turns into zombies.  Maybe that actually helped this episode.  I was expecting more zaniness–why wouldn’t I–but instead found myself watching on with a bit of a lump in my throat.  Watching Dandy go from captor of some illusive new alien, to the protector of a scared orphaned little girl, adds a pleasant new dimension to Dandy’s character.

The story was unexpectedly good, but it also helps that the score was perfect, and the usual off-the-wall animation I’ve grown accustom to were subdued.  However, it does seem strange to me that there really hasn’t been any unifying story between the episodes, no driving story-arch holding anything together.  I’ve no idea if this is to be how the entire series will be, but looking at the surprising variety of stories so far, if it does stay the course, it’s good enough for me.

image source: [capsulecomputers][otakuorbit]