Despair and raw meat.  The plight of the undead.  While the entertainment world  has become a bit over-saturated with zombies, from movies, to TV series, to video games, perhaps the most interesting medium in which to explore the walking dead is anime.  Leave it to Space Dandy to do the genre a kindness by giving us a quirky take on zombies as only it could.

sd6-620xThe episode itself isn’t anything new or spectacular, but there were a few highlights.  It did offer a unique take on zombies, namely, that once dead, people continue living none too differently than they did when they were alive.  In fact, the central message made clear by the end of the episode is that the complete zombification of the galaxy is actually a means to peace.  The other interesting thing is that robots can be infected, although it’s pretty much just a meaningless thing that doesn’t go any deeper, because there’s nothing deep going on here.  I’m pretty sure the zombie thing isn’t going to carry over, and in that way this episode was very much like one of my favorite Cowboy Bebop episodes, Toys in the Attic, where everyone is dead by the end of the episode, but everything is back to normal the very next one.  I can’t help but keep bringing up these comparisons to CB because it every way Space Dandy feels like a direct spiritual successor.  Just on drugs…

For something of a rather dull episode, I am going to assume it was just a slow-paced, completely random story that will completely explode into craziness next time around.  If there’s one thing you can count on with Space Dandy it’s that eventually the crazy is going to reach new heights when you least expect it.  One last thing.  It was really great seeing thanks given to George A Romero by showing his name in a movie theater.  The man truly is respected the world over!

image source: [theglorioblog] [japanator