Space Dandy is a strange show to  review.  Pretty much everything I said in my review of the the first episode can be cut-and-pasted for each subsequent episode so far.  The show continues to get more and more insane, but to describe the specific ways it goes crazy would just be tedious, not to mention miss the point completely.  So how then do I review this thing?  How about an overview of all the things that make me say “well, haven’t seen that before.

sd31Boobie Monsters.  You don’t come across those everyday.  For an episode (and show, for that matter) primarily consisting of LSD-inspired fanservice, the omnivorous giant boobie monster feels perfectly normal.  One thing Space Dandy is great at so far is putting together succinct little stories with plots that actually fulfill themselves.  Meaning, it always seems to set up the end with what happens in the beginning.  This isn’t some new technique, but in this show you really can’t expect what’s coming.  I certainly didn’t see the solution to Dandy’s problem coming.  It actually made me laugh because of how dumb and obvious it was.

Hawaiian Shirt-Wearing Spaceship Megazord.  I certainly didn’t see this one coming.  This little gem proves that Space Dandy is going to pretty much go everywhere you could never imagine.  Funny, clever, and dripping with what is quickly becoming the most lovable fact about this show: it’s just ridiculous.  We’ve all seen transforming machines before, from the giant robot variety, down to the personal vehicle kind.  But none before this had a silly no-second-thought design that turns out to be its most charming characteristic.  Come on, a Hawaiian shirt?
The next episode looks to sink even deeper into the crazy abyss.  I can’t wait!

image source: [theglorioblog]