Well, this week on Space Dandy, we were introduced to the Ramen Dimension.  Now, if you’ve never had ramen, you’re life remains unfulfilled, and if you don’t like ramen, there’s something terribly wrong with you.  This episode managed to exemplify the intangible essence that makes ramen so delicious, and in turn, I think this episode gives us a good glimpse as to how satisfyingly decadent Space Dandy can be.

space dandy 2.2As for what goes on in the episode, our eccentric crew spend the entire time in search of the legendary Phantom Ramen.  Needless to say, psychedelic hijinks ensue.  Space Dandy seems to have an interesting balance between incomprehensible randomness, and inexplicably interesting story.  So far there’s nothing complex going on here, but the combination of all its insane elements are undeniably entertaining.

In a lot of ways Space Dandy is similar to another recent manic anime, Kill la Kill.  Both fly at you at a thousand miles a second, and despite the completely off-the-wall presentation, are undeniably good.  Despite suffering from an over ten episode deficit to Kill la Kill, I firmly believe Space Dandy is going to be the superior series.  That it is heavily reminiscent of Cowboy Bebop is obvious, but I think it borrows the former’s polish and ambition even more so than style.  Space Dandy has a style all its own, very probably unique, and despite having little idea of what I saw at the end of an episode, I can’t wait for more!

image source: [toonamiwiki] [japanator]