As soon as I found out that the creators of Cowboy Bebop were making a new anime, I lost my mind.  I first watched Cowboy Bebop in college many moons ago, and I distinctly remember how much I loved it more and more with each episode.  It is one of my favorite anime of all time, and so naturally I have high expectations for Space Dandy.
If you can put aside the emphasis on how perverted every being in the galaxy apparently is, you will find a pretty well put together show that has a unique visual style that feels very retro-anime, but is as crisp and clean as any made today.  With a fast-paced, manic energy, the show blisters through psychedelic colors and zany animation, especially when it comes to the bizarre creatures Dandy encounters.  It’s a treat for the eyes and ears as well, as the music fits the show perfectly and really gives it some character.

space-dandy-anime-39-s-teaser-streamed-1103427The main character, Space Dandy, is a galactic alien hunter who specializes in finding and capturing strange aliens around the galaxy.  While that’s his job, his hobby is visiting ever “breastaurant” in the galaxy, a chain of boob-themed space bars that are a mix of the Mos Eisley cantina and Hooters.  Set amid a war for control of the universe, Dandy merrily goes about his job.  But it it clear early on that Dandy is already wrapped up in events that will soon cause conflict in his life.

Space Dandy borrows some elements from Cowboy Bebop, but we’ll see how deep that goes.  I get the feeling that the format will be similar to CB, insomuch as the majority of the show will be just crazy fun, with a narrow thread of serious plot mixed in to give the show a direction.   More than anything, Space Dandy is fun.  It had me laughing a few times, but it’s sure to have some serious elements as well.  Well, maybe not.  Just when it looked like it was about to take a serious tone, it farts.  But that’s probably best, after all, it’s hard to take a show too seriously when the main villain’s spaceship is the Statue of Liberty’s decapitated head…with a ball gag!

Star Wars on drugs with a side order of boobs…

image source: [cartoonbrew] [anime]