I, for one, am getting sick Halley ’s Comet flashing it’s pretty tail at Earth before disappearing for another 76 years, leaving us yearning for one more glimpse, wondering what it’s made of, where it came from, and if it has a creamy center.  It’s pretty damn rude if you ask me.  It’s nothing but a big icy tease, flaunting itself with its mysteries like a veiled stripper from the stars.
What’s it made of anyway?  Is there evidence of biology on its surface?  Might there be remnants of a crashed spaceship from an advanced civilization?  Or is it just ferrying those goofy Heaven’s Gate morons to their splendiferous thereafter?
Luckily NASA is developing a super amazing space ballista of doom, er, science, so that we may finally unlock the mysteries of not only Halley’s snowball, but any comet whizzing through space.  They might even use this cool harpoon thingy to uncover relevant scientific information.
We already know that the comets scooting around our solar system can be millions, if not billions of years old.  Some may hold secrets of time before Earth existed.  It’s entirely within the realm of possibility that microbial life exists in cryonic stasis.  We may someday discover that the origins of life on this planet have been so close all this time, passing by once a century while evolution went wild down below.

Just maybe our progenitor really has been up above all along.

Image Source: [Fieldandstream.com]