Kim Jong UnKeeping an eye on their crafty neighbors to the North can be a daunting task for the South Korean Army! The 155 mile long, 2.5 mile wide De-Militarized Zone (DMZ) created during the cease-fire of the Korean Police Action (Korean Civil War to Korean citizens) can be a pretty tough piece of real estate to secure. Considering the amount of forest land that covers parts of the territory, and the tunnels constantly under construction by their Northern cousins, the threat of attack is always pretty high, it seems.

But recently, the South Korean Army has been deploying a new electronic detection system that
recognizes the presence of DPRK(Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, that’s what the North Koreans call themselves BTW) soldiers!

The Kinect camera system from the Xbox One! Thats right! Some super clever South Korean engineers have written a bit of code (which they are keeping pretty secret, duh) that acurately recognizes the movement of living creatures, and even differentiates between animal and human forms!

The South Korean government is quoted as saying that the accuracy granted by the camera and it’s associated programming, along with the price of the Kinect camera system leave the South Korean Army with a device of fantastic capability!

Next time you are playing a first person shooter on your XBOne, remember there are some South Koreans doing the same thing, thousands of miles away, but for real!

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Image Source: [ScrapeTV][Microsoft][HuffingtonPost]