This “leak” crap has to stop.  Nothing’s sacred anymore.  Not even the innocent bliss of being surprised one week at a time by the show you’ve waited for forever to return.  Filming locations?  Found!  Audio and video recordings? Sniped!  Scripts? LEAKED!!!

On July 7th, 2014, the sacred innocence of fandom, the very essence of mystery, hope, and fantasy, were defiled by some cantankerous slime of a human being.  Scripts for the first five episodes of Doctor Who Season 8 have been leaked, and while I’m sure that if I’m careful I can avoid any of the fallout that will undoubtedly ensue, the very fact that it happened offends me on the deepest of geek levels.  Like, the really tender ones.

4th-Doctor-Tom-Baker-the-fourth-doctor-22519297-333-500I recently touched on the topic of spoilers, here, so I’m not going to rehash that rusty nut.  All that needs to be said is that if you come across spoilers yourself, that’s most likely your own fault, but if you deliberately spoil things for people, you’re one seriously inconsiderate rapscallion!  This ‘person” knows that what they’re doing will potentially spoil a lot of serious enjoyment from people, but like I said earlier, if you read spoilers you have nobody to blame but yourself.  But there will still be collateral damage.

And worse still  is the blatant disrespect it shows for the actors, writers, and everyone else involved.  Pissing off fans is one thing, but please show some modicum of professionalism.  The leaks had to come from someone involved in the production, so that’s just a slap in the geek to everyone that person works with!

I guess there’s nothing more to say.  The rage and anger and disappointment speaks for itself.  While I’m not going to go read the scripts, some of you might choose to do so.  To you I say go suck and egg, and don’t tell me anything!

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