All Aboard the E.A. Titanic

You’ve got 1st Class Tickets for a city full of wonder! Build Homes! Design Public Transit! Manage Civic Centers!….. Wait for server access?…. Claim a new city?….. Please revert back to previously saved template?….

SimCity Meteor_656x369Look, let me preface this with the statement that I don’t play SimCity, aside from a little dabbling on the old SNES version years ago where I had the natural disasters turned off. You could never describe me as a hard-core player of any city building game (except perhaps Caesar 4, that game was fantastic). But I sympathize with all of the expectant players who downloaded (and probably pre-ordered) the newest iteration of the Sim series. It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon (or a brain scientist) to do a bit of math for pre-order numbers, server capability, and expected traffic on opening day, or week, or month. But lets be honest folks, I’m told Diablo III suffered some pretty catastrophic issues during its inaugural run also. (perhaps arch-demonically catastrophic issues?)

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the always-on requirement EA is cramming down all our collective throats, but again, since I’m not playing SimCity, I’m not suffering under the yolk of Electronic Arts oppression. I would be a bit miffed though if I were in your shoes. Wanna play on your lappy on the plane? Wanna bring your computer to granma’s and build a few high rise apartments for George and Weezy? Nope… Try again… Better go back to Sid Meier’s Civilization.

I’m just saying, I find it very ironic that a game designed around building a perfect metropolitan infrastructure is itself suffering from major infrastructure issues…..

Image Source: [Titanic Universe] [EA]