I was literally stricken with chills while reading about a speech silencer that was recently developed by Japanese scientists.  The potential for such serious abuse of a device like this should cause everyone deep concern.

I think all avenues of science should be explored, and all advancements of technology pursued, albeit responsibly of course.  But having the ability to literally silence other human beings so that they can’t vocalize their thoughts and feelings is, simply put, a technology we should ban with all the vigor and earnestness of any human rights violation.

FVRcoly-BernieFlowerPowerIt is neither too impossible nor too improbable to presume that any individual or group seeking economic, political, or religious supremacy wouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of a technology that could silence dissidence, critique, the expression of free thought, or the pronouncement of truth.
It almost seems a joke to think such a device could ever exists, but one thing science teaches us it is to expect the implausible, the unattainable, and the truly dangerous.  We are far too young a species to have anything resembling technology such as this.  Does our species really have the will needed to leave such a weapon beyond our grasp?
There isn’t a chance that we would do anything other than destroy ourselves with it.  For proof of this look to North Korea, a country so gripped by the most thorough institutionalization of brainwashing the world has ever seen, attained by the oldest most reliable method, threatening physical harm.  What took generations to bring to fruition could be attained in an instant.
If it isn’t war, plague, natural disaster, or zombies that end us it’ll be the quieting of the masses for the benefit of the few.
Image Source: [dailymail] [thenewsburner]