So I’ve been driving around lately, listening to the radio, and I can’t help but hear the advertisements for the newly released movie “Lucy” starring Scarlett Johansen and the molasses voiced wonder, Morgan Freeman. The premise of the film, at least as far as radio spot puts it, is that since humanity only uses 10% of their brains, imagine the potential we could achieve with all 100% in play. The advertisement then postulates that the main character and heroine Lucy, could manipulate matter at 20%, control time at so and so percent, and at 100%, well only God knows……

I don’t know how deep I need to go into this, but isn’t it frankly a little suspicious that we as humans have several pounds (kilograms for our metric buddies) of gray matter in our heads and we only use 10% of it?!?

neuroanatomy_largeFirst of all, if we only used 10% of our brains how come when we would “compassionately” lobotomize  someone, effectively chopping out, carving up, or egg scrambling approximately 10% of their noodle they could still function as normal “mostly” human beings.

Second of all, when someone has a stroke and the pressure involved with the blood buildup (unfortunately) destroys a portion of that persons brain, why can they (with therapy and intervention) make a recovery?

The full and frank evidence however comes when we perform brain scans on people. We clearly see areas across the ENTIRE  brain fire neurons for various functions. Language here, emotions there, memories hither, senses thither…. you get it right? We need the whole thing, and although damage to parts of it can damage us permanently, destroying 10% of it (even the magic 10% we supposed only use) doesn’t stop us from continuing our silly human existence….

See this article in Scientific American


Image Source: [TauEdu] [screenrant]